New firmwares are available for the X7/X7MKII/X5III



The changes and improvements about new firmware 1.2.4 for X5III, firmware 3.3.8 for X7 and firmware 1.0.9 for X7MKII are as follows:

1. Added new function of adding M3U playlists to the internal playlists (after entering an M3U playlist in the Folder View menu, tap the icon next to the "more functions" icon to use this function)
2. Added new function of importing/exporting playlists (importing/exporting folder location: "internal storage/Android/data/"; you can back up this folder after exporting the playlists, and copy it back if you need to import the playlists);
3. Improved the display of the search results. Now they will be grouped by Single tracks, Artists, Albums and Genres. And the input board will emerge automatically after tapping the search box;
4. Improved the FiiO Link function;
5. Fixed issue where there might be no output after switching songs automatically while in USB Audio output mode with the screen off;
6. Fixed issue where there might be no output after switching to a third-party app while playing local music;
7. Fixed issue where there would be noise when playing DXD tracks;
8. Fixed issue where the image in the FiiO Music launch page is out of shape;
9. Fixed issue where the player might act slow when waking up the screen if the Lock-scren album art is on and after multiple track switches;
10. Fixed issue where FiiO Music might exit abnormally after certain operations;
11. Miscellaneous improvements.


Note: It is required to install the old version FiiO Music app if you want to use ViPER Effect. You could uninstall the present version app firstly, and download the apk file of the old version, copy it to the player, and then install it through ES File Explorer. 
How to uninstall the present version: Go to "Settings -> About device-> Kernel version", and continually tap "Kernel version" until there is the prompt to uninstall FiiO Music app. Then please reboot the device to complete the uninstallation of this app.

Here is the download link about the old version FiiO Music app(v3.4.3): click here.


Firmware download: 

Please visit the X5 3rd gen Firmware download page  and download the firmware FW1.2.4


Please visit the X7 Mark II Firmware download page  and download the firmware FW1.0.9 


Please visit the X7 Firmware download page  and download the firmware FW3.3.8


USB DAC Driver(v4.47.0): Click here

Instruction of installing USB DAC driver on Windows computer: Click here

Introduction of New FiiO Music APP in X5III/X7/X7MKII: Click here