FA1 is built with the same exceptional craftsmanship as we can see on the FA7. The solid-filled finish let you see through the earphone's translucent body with no bubbles spotted, whilst the seamless solid fill design produces a better resonance response as well as adding more toughness to the design.

The exterior of the build is remarkably smooth and polished. It is similar to what you would expect on pricey custom monitors. The relatively small size is very comfortable to wear over 2 hours and the solid build quality is very convincing.

The FA1 uses the same 3D printing process as the FA7, to produce the FA1. FiiO collaborates with HEYGEARS, which is a 3D printing manufacturer equipped with Texas Instruments DLP technology based printers and imported EU IIA medical grade resins from Germany, ensuring an allergy-free user experience.

Author: James Tan; From: Headfonics
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