FiiO FA7 review - Faster! Harder! Scooter?

The 3D printing technique FiiO used is really cool, it’s long lasting and will save them few pennies compared to all-metal shells in the FH5.

Accessories and packaging wise, FiiO outdid themselves offering two cases and 15 pairs of ear tips and a great unboxing experience!

I am a bit surprised that FA7 came as good as I dreamt them to be. I’m glad they took extra measures in developing that 4-way cross-over since it is so crucial and important for a great tonal balance. We did listen to FA7 about half a year ago in a secret meeting and they didn’t sound as good as they are right now.

As a result, FA7 came better than I expected and I can’t wait to know what FiiO comes-up with in the future, as the future is bright as they say.

Author: Sandu; From: Soundnews
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