FiiO K3 is actually designed to be used as a Desktop Device, but it works very well as a portable as well, provided your smartphone / source can give it enough power. FiiO doesn't recommend using it this way, but if you must do it, you should know that it works this way as well. 

Otherwise, as a desktop device, it is fairly small, it looks good on a desk, doesn't take up much space, although if anything is a little disadvantage, it is a little small and lightweight, which means that a thicker / harder cable may lift if off the table. 

The Volume Wheel is large enough, and it has light around it, so you won't miss it, and you should be able to control if fairly well. K3 has enough power for both IEMs, and some good headphones, so you can consider it doing its job fairly well as a desktop device. 

I did strap it to my Xiaomi Mi Max 3, and it does draw some power, but Mi Max 3 is a monster of a smartphone, with a huge battery, and it made K3's portable usage quite fun. 

The cable included in the package is enough to connect K3 to most laptops and computers, so no issues there either. 

Author: George Dobrescu ; From: Audiophile-heaven
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