FiiO K3 Review - Strong essences are kept in small bottles

My all-time favorite FiiO device for a very long time was the E10K DAC/headphone amp combo, I loved that thing to death, it went with me in shorter or longer trips, it was very easy to use and very reliable. I just knew what to expect from it, I started to know its sound signature very well, in return it gave me multiple hours of musical bliss. I’m a slight OCS guy and I hate to have with me very expensive stuff on the go, E10K did wonders for my transportable setup. It was not the most revealing, nor the most powerful, but it was the most enjoyable to listen DAC/Amp in the long run. When I am not reviewing an audio component, I don’t want to hear micro-details or subtleties, I just want to relax and enjoy the moment.

When FiiO told us about a year ago that a successor to E10K is in the works, my nipples got hard. Fast forward a year and here we are, K3 is its spiritual successor and I’m glad we are reviewing it today.

Author: Sandu; From: Soundnews
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