The sound of M3K is one of those really neutral and reference sounds, but with a really sweet and musical gently bright treble, neutral and quick bass with a very solid hit, and a very neutral and natural midrange. 


The bass can reach very low, and it has a very solid hit, being one of the more punchy types of sounds. It is able to keep up with death metal when using IEMs, like FiiO F9Pro. 

The midrange is sweet and also very neutral, and what's best, it has a really good way of portraying the soundstage exactly as it was recorded, when a song was recorded in an intimate setting, M3K plays it that way, while when a song was recorded in a grand location, M3K is very capable of playing a wide sound. The details are simply unbelievable for a 70 USD Player, and of course, as other reviews have pointed out, M3K is a more neutral type of device, not overly smooth, which really helps with rendering fine details better. 

The treble is a sweet glazing for the whole sound, finely bright, but not shouty, nor rolled off. Basically, a neutral kind of treble, but which has a sweet tinge to it, everything being sweet and airy, instead of hot or metallic, or rolled off and too smooth to be neutral. 

Overall, I find the signature of M3K to be perfect for someone who wants a transparent DAP that acts as a clear window to your music, and which can give you countless pairing options, with IEMs with any sonic style.


Author: George; From: Audiophile-heaven
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