About FiiO


We all know everything about FiiO, don’t we? These guys make very good products for the money. I think it’s also a very good brand for starters. They have a wide selection of products for the people who just started their journey in this hobby, including me in the past. In fact, my first ever DAC/Amp was a FiiO E17 (you can see a comment from myself under that review, asking a question to Mike).


FiiO are pushing more and they aim to achieve even better bang for buck products. But they – I think – also want to create premium audiophile gear in the process as well. The improvement never stops with them and I’m personally glad to see their advancement over the years.  I’ve reviewed several FiiO products including IEMs like the F9F9 ProFH1F1 & F3 and the FH5. Therefore, I witnessed their development first hand.


About FA7


The FiiO FA7 is a Quad Driver Balanced Armature IEM with a 4 way crossover system. It’s produced via 3D printing technology with a skin-friendly resin material. FiiO claims this is the first mass produced Quad BA monitor with the 3D printing method. They also claim the process takes 60 minutes to make a pair. This 3D process ensures a consistent production. Therefore all of the FA7s they produced should have the exact same sound.


The material for the shell is Germany-imported resin . We recently also saw that with the  Hyla Audio IEMs. The result is a very high quality chassis with one extra benefit: a healthy contact with the skin. This solution prevents bacteria breeding around your ears. The resin is also very durable, and it’s promised to retain the crystal clear, transparent look in the long run.


Author: Berkhan; From: Headfonia
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