Early impressions on FiiO FH7

So these (review units) landed with me yesterday and today I spent a little more time with this pairing. Very early impressions...


Sounds nice! :) Using the reference filter set, the FH7 have quite a strong low end that has a nice body to it, but is well controlled and does not overpower the mids. The mids are nice and clear with good/clear vocals, slightly favouring female vocals over male due to (my guess) a lower treble lift. The treble is quite sparkly and has a little bite to it. Because I am quite treble sensitive I gravitated towards the bass boost filters, which is a little warmer and more laid back, with in my opinion a better balance between vocals. Male vocals get that nice chestiness to them while female vocals get a hint of sweetness. Overall the sound feels more on the fun side with a great bass and sparkly treble to add a bit of excitement. 

Changing the filters was easy and this system seems to be better implemented than with other IEMs I have had that had a similar system (Trinity Vyrus). Fit is great and the size of the shells is not too big so that I get a nice flush fit. 


Author: Wyville (Contributor at Twister6.com); From: Head-Fi
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