FiiO E10K Review

FiiO is fast becoming a big industry player when it comes to audiophile consumer products. The company was highlighted at CanJam 2019 with some exciting new IEM releases. One of FiiO’s more popular products is the FiiO E10K which is an affordable USB DAC and headphone amplifier. While our focus is on the E10K, we’ll also take a brief look at the FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier later in this article.




If you’re looking for an affordable DAC for gaming or listening to music from your laptop or PC, then the FiiO E10K is an excellent option to consider. If you’re looking to boost the bass of your headphones, then the E10K is probably one of the few DACs with a bass boost feature. Where the E10K is most useful is portability. Its compact size means you can pop it in your laptop bag and enjoy the benefits of a DAC no matter where you are.
FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier
If you’re looking for an even smaller, more affordable DAC, the FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier is the E10K’s younger sibling. The A3 provides many of the same features as the E10K except, it doesn’t have a coaxial output and is better suited as an on-the-go-DAC. The A3 is slimline with a 16-hour built-in battery. This is useful to connect your iPad, laptop, or mobile while traveling.

Like the E10K, the A3 powers headphones from 16-150 ohms, which is perfect for most consumer headphones but isn’t sufficient to power high-end models.
With the A3 you also have the same gain attenuation and bass boost features. The volume/power knob is also identical to the smooth action you get from the E10K.

The best part about the A3, the $56 price tag. You also have three color options including black, silver, and titanium.


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