27. Why is the Q5s displayed as Q5 when connecting to computers or iOS devices?



The USB DAC driver is developed by the Thesycon company. Our products with USB DAC function are using the USB DAC driver authorized by them. Previously (before 2018.08), we would apply an individual PPID for every FiiO product. So each of them will be displayed with their own product/model name. Considering that FiiO are having more new products now, it will take a lot of time and efforts on maintenance if we apply for a new PPID every time a new product is released. So we have come to an agreement with Thesycon for a new rule of displaying the model name of our products:

1. For the new update of current models, like Q1MKII, Q5s, will be displayed the same as the old models.

2. Brand new models, like new players, will be displayed as 'FiiO M series'; and DACs will be displayed as 'FiiO Q series', etc.

The display name may differ slightly with the actual name, but it would not affect the product usage. And it will also be better for the compatibility when using universal product names.