15.How to set up the BTR5 in FiiO Music/FiiO Control app?

Here is steps to set up BTR5 in FiiO Music/FiiO Control app:

FiiO Music/FiiO Control app app should be also updated to the latest version firstly;

1.Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone. Connect your phone to the Bluetooth AMP;

2.After it is successfully connected, go to the Settings menu in FiiO Music app, clicking “Bluetooth device control” and then choosing the Bluetooth AMP, so that you can operate the Bluetooth AMP.


①If the app quit working, it is suggested to clear the pairing record of the Bluetooth AMP in your phone. Then reconnect it to your phone and try again.

②For the iOS version: the first time to enter “Bluetooth device control”, short press the power button of the Bluetooth AMP to finish connection, and then click “Cancel” and return to “Bluetooth device control” menu. It will be connected successfully. At this time, click BTR3K to execute relating operations.

③For the iOS version: if the Bluetooth AMP did not show up in the “Bluetooth device control” list, click the “Refresh” icon in the upper right corner, or quit the app for a while and then reenter it.

Video help: