23.Does the BTR5 support LHDC/HWA?

No. Since the launch of HWA, the sound quality has been recognized by many domestic users. As the first product on the market that is the perfect support for HWA, the BTR3 has been loved and welcomed by many consumers once it was launched. But it has also encountered some of us with some problems that can't be solved temporarily. including:

1. HWA as the latest technology, temporarily in the connection reliability is not as good as LDAC, aptX encoding; 

2. The quantity of devices supported HWA is currently relatively small, the market share is relatively low; especially quite a lot of consumers do not understand and use this function.

3. CSR8675's own inside ROM capacity is limited, especially after upgrading to Bluetooth 5.0, BLE link function (APP control) takes up more space; if coupled with HWA algorithm, making more limited ROM capacity, will limit some of our products Improvement and expansion of functions. (The main reason ) 4. As the owner of HWA, Huawei also stated on the blog that HWA will face a large version upgrade, and the upgraded HWA is no longer compatible with the previous version, so Huawei's mobile phone has also cancelled HWA on the latest system.