5. How about the sound quality of EH3 NC?

A: EH3 NC voice unit adopts large-caliber strong magnetic large-caliber double-sided titanium-plated vibration film,Independent amp strong thrust to ensure the high-quality voice of the generating unit; Using flagship Bluetooth chip and Bluetooth version 5.0 to effectively stabilize the signal and shield interference to ensure the transmission of Bluetooth signal; Support the transmission of lossless Bluetooth signal to ensure the lossless reception of audio signal.On the basis of the above excellent hardware and software foundation and the excellent traditional tuning of Fiio. For noise reduction HiFi tuning, Fiio has developed a new generation of tuning technology, which guarantees the clear and lifelike sound quality of EH3 NC and the vigorous and surging bass; Moreover, EH3 NC is certified by double Hi-Res small gold standard, and the sound quality is guaranteed.