16. How to update the firmware for EH3NC?


1.Download the upgrade firmware package from FiiO website, check that the package should contain a lib folder, a .dfu firmware, and a FiiOBluetoothDfu app file;
2.If the computer has other USB Bluetooth devices plugged in, please unplug it first;
3.After the EH3 NC is turned on, hold 'Volume up' and 'Multifunction'button at the same time until the indicator light turns off to switch to DFU mode, and then connect the EH3 NC to the computer through the USB cable;

4.Run the FiiOBluetoothDfu program and click 'Start Upgrade' > 'OK ', the upgrade program will run automatically;

6.After the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted with a 'Successful Upgrade', indicating that you have successfully upgraded. Click 'Finish' to exit;

7.Unplug the USB cable and reboot the EH3 NC, and then you can use it normally.
8.If the playback stutters after the upgrade, try to press and hold the 'Volume up' and 'Volume down' button of the EH3 at the same time to clear the pairing record, and cancel the pairing of your phone and reconnect.