Make Wired Headphones Turn HiFi Wireless in Seconds, Feiao Wireless Bluetooth Ear Hanging UTWS1 Officially Listed!


as long as UTWS1 is assembled, your replaceable moving coil, moving iron and coil iron headphones can become a HiFi fever real wireless headset! Following the introduction of the Bluetooth headset upgrade line RC-BT, Feiao has brought free and interesting accompanying HiFi to music lovers, making everyone trapped in the charm of wireless ever since. Helping wired headphones move to a new level of listening,Feiao has once again introduced the expanded MMCX/0.78mm ear-mounted Bluetooth upgrade line [UTWS1]]!

In order to bring consistent high-definition sound quality, UTWS1 is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, supports Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth format. Both the left and right earphones are equipped with high-sensitivity microphones and DSP intelligent noise reduction technology, so that you can enjoy wireless freedom whether answering phone calls, listening to music or strenuous exercise.

is even more surprising is the professional HiFi tuning. According to Feiao's many years of professional acoustic technology, the hardware performance is optimized for the original design of Qualcomm QCC3020, the output LRC network is optimized, and the bottom noise is effectively improved. The signal-to-noise ratio is relatively improved with the public version design, so that listening and calling can enjoy outstanding sound quality.

UTWS1 features:

1. Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, supports Bluetooth 5.0

2. The aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth format is supported.

3. 0.78mm/MMCX replaceable interface

4. Single-ear/double-ear split design

5. Built-in DSP call noise reduction technology

6. Customize the FPC Bluetooth antenna.

7. Life-level waterproof and sweatproof


from 10:00 on November 26,UTWS1 is officially launched online,is 299 yuan!, we still offer preferential experience prices for new and old users., all old users who have purchased Feiao MMCX headphones can enjoy a special price of $249. Users who purchase UTWS1 Feiao MMCX replaceable earphone package can also enjoy a special price of $249! It is especially recommended that F9 UTWS1 package should be purchased in 299 yuan!

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[Activity Details]]

1. Old users can contact the customer service of each store to receive coupons for preferential purchase. The collection process is as follows:Contact store customer service-exchange 50 yuan single product coupons with valid purchase vouchers-use automatic deduction when purchasing, the coupon is validNovember 26-December 25;

2. Due to certain limitations on the high-pass QCC3020 chip used in UTWS1, we have made many improvements to the bottom noise part, but the earplugs with high sensitivity (above 105dB) still have slight soft bottom noise, which will be covered by music when playing music normally. If users who are particularly sensitive or bored with the bottom noise, they can take the audition machine to experience it first. For details, please consult Wangwang customer service of the store.

3. In any case, once you apply for a refund, you must return the package at the same time (you do not need to return the package);

4. If you have any questions, please contact Feiao Customer Service. Customer service online time: 9:00-18:00 on weekdays;

5. the final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Guangzhou feiao electronic technology co., ltd.