FiiO BTR5 Review – A Serious DAP Replacement

If you want the best wireless receiver that can also work as a dedicated DAC for your phone, PC or MAC then BTR5 is currently your best bet. It doesn’t sound like a tiny device it is, it sounds like a serious and grown-up product. I’m sure those years of testing grounds with wireless receivers and transmitters paid-off big time.

BTR5 impressed me with its build quality and sonics, it sounds impeccable for this size and for this price.

I do wholeheartedly recommend BTR5 and see myself using it a whole lot with my phone. At only $109.99 it can be an excellent Christmas gift for your audiophile friends that don’t have a smartphone with a headphone jack.

External dongles? move away please.



Author: Sandu Vitalie; From:

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