28. How to update the firmware for BTR5?

You could check the firmware version in the BTR5 first: Menu(Hold the power button for about 2 seconds in the after turning on)-Version(Click the power button in themenu page)-1.X.X


Please note that the BTR5 2021 does NOT support viewing the firmware version.

Do not update the firmware of BTR5 for BTR5 2021!

Firmware download link: Click here 

Do not update the firmware again is your BTR5 is using the latest firmware. 

Please read the instruction carefully, and follow it step by step to upgrade your BTR5!


Before the firmware upgrade:
Download the Firmware Upgrade package( already including the firmware upgrade tool and firmware file)
Upgrade the firmware for the BTR5
1. Unzip the "Firmware upgrade package" , and then enter the unzipped folder
2. Make the BTR5 enter DFU mode, and then connect the BTR5 with the computer by the supplied Type-C USB cable.
How to make BTR5 enter DFU mode: Power on the BTR5 and hold the Multifunctional button (which is in the middle of the Power button and Volume buttons) for about 5 seconds, then the 'pairing' shows up in the BTR5; Hold the Multifunctional button and Volume ”+” button for about 5 seconds, to make the BTR5 enter DFU mode (The BTR5 shows DFU for a few seconds ).
3.Run the FiiOBluetoothDfu program and click 'Start Upgrade' > 'OK', the upgrade program will run automatically
4. Unplug the USB cable and reboot the BTR5, and then you can use it normally.