Review: FiiO BTR5 – The Emancipation of Wireless HiFi

I personally really like the FiiO BTR5 and the pricing is very reasonable for a feature-packed product of such outstanding build quality. The output power should be sufficient for most of my use-cases and the USB DAC will come in handy when I’m on my crappy windows laptop.

Even for a first-time user like me, I find the FiiO BTR5 to be easy-to-use. However, there are times, I find it slightly over-powered for my use case. There are features in it that I’m out of touch with like the “filters”. They make no difference to the music and hence, don’t value add to the entire experience. But if you are someone who likes to tinker with settings, you will not feel out-of-place.

You can purchase the FiiO BTR5 at HiFiGo or at Amazon.



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