6.Does the BTR5's USB DAC support mobile phones? Will my phone be reversed charging after it is connected?

Relating devices: Android phone+CL06/LT-TC1+BTR3K
1.It is suggested to use the FiiO Music app, with the USB selection on;
2.Ensure the USB testing mode is working on the Developer Options;
3.Ensure the cable is an official OTG CL06 or LT-TC1. If the BTR3K is charged by the phone, you can go to Settings on FiiO Music app, turning the charging switch to off;
4.For the reson that there is no standard USB Audio specifications between different brands of phones, which might cause the compatibility issue. If it fails by following the above instructions, you can try another phones.

iPhone+iPhone camera adapter kit+BTR3K+BTR3K's original data cable
First the charging switch needs to be turned off on FiiO Music app.