FIIO BTR5 REVIEW: A portable audiophile miracle

The FIIO BTR5 exceeds what we can expect from a sub-200$ Bluetooth DAC-AMP, both in terms of sound quality and amping power.

I have tested many portable DAC-AMP, and to me, this do-it-all product is as exciting in 2020 as the Radsone ES100 was in 2018. Right now, it’s the very best Bluetooth DAC-AMP you can get to cover all your audiophile need. With its long battery life, small size, solid construction, stable connectivity and it’s numerous control options like amping Gain, Sound Filters and EQ preset, the BTR5 is the pinnacle of portable DAC-AMP from FIIO.

If you search for the most versatile DAC-AMP option that can cover all your portable and desktop need, I think the FIIO BTR5 can be enough to make you discover the joy of audiophile sound on a budget. In some way, the BTR5 makes most DAP obsolete because everybody has a phone nowadays, and you can now transform it into a high-end digital audio player. I would never have thought to say this one day, but this is pure truth: the BTR5 sound as good or better than a lot of pricier DAP.



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