FIIO LC-BT2 Review: The new sound quality standard in Bluetooth cable world

I was rather skeptical about the sound benefit of this kind of Bluetooth device because even if I know the AK4331 DAC is good, I was afraid either the volume will not be enough loud or the battery life underwhelming.

I can humbly admit I was wrong and that both volume and battery life extend far above my expectations.

The FIIO LC BT2 is a game-changer in the neckband Bluetooth cable world, for once you can really have high sound quality that was only possible to find in great entry-level DAP or DAC-AMP. Having the luxury to transform any of your favorite IEM into excellent Bluetooth IEM is something that wasn’t imaginable some time ago, and the few tentative that has been made was underwhelming in term of sound quality or amping power.

Either your a sportsman, bodybuilder or street wonderer that searches for versatile portable Bluetooth neckband cable, the FIIO LC BT2 will never let you down with its long battery life, comfortable silicone neckband, good amping power and very good sound quality.


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