2. What is the tuning style of FA9? What type of music is it suitable?

To meet users' needs on different soundstages and music styles, the FA9 has fully made good use of the electronic frequency division technology. It is featured in 3 buttons, making all treble, mids and bass adjustment possible and achieving the switch between high and low impedance. Besides, it supports switching between different track genres so that it totally meets the needs of any sound senses and scenes.

· With the S1 switch on, it decreases the channel impedance and increases the sensitivity which helps to easily drive headphones.
· With the S1 switch off, the channel will stay in high impedance state, achieving a clean and clear sound. The sound source is audible with low noise while the blackground will be darker.

· With the S2 switch on, the treble will be improved. Treble stimulation and rock style audiophiles would find it more excited to listen.
· With the S2 switch off, the treble will be lessened, that is, balanced equalizer which suits most music styles.

·With the S3 switch on, the bass will be lessened while the mids will be improved. It suits vocal and instrumental performance.
·With the S3 switch off, the bass will be improved while the mids will be lessened. It suits classicals and symphonies.