7.How to switch the now playing page to the lyrics display? Are there any other operations?

When the M3 Pro is in the now playing page:
1. The default display is previous/next track, play/pause, play mode, add to my favorite or playlist operation;
Swipe from left to right to switch to the playing progress page. You can drag the progress bar to the fast forward/rewind operation.

2. In this page, you can also delete songs, check the now playing song's detailed information and go to the EQ page; swipe from left to right again to switch to the lyrics display page.

3. Click the blank space on the above three pages to switch to the cover display. Click the cover again to switch back to the original page;
Under the cover display, swipe from left to right to switch to the previous track; swipe from right to left to switch to the next track; swipe from top to bottom or from bottom to top to pop up the volume adjustment menu.


Here is a video introduction to some common settings of M3Pro: