15. Instruction of Upgrading the firmware for the LC-BT2

Please read the instruction carefully, and follow it step by step to upgrade your LC-BT2!

Before the firmware upgrade:

Download the Firmware Upgrade package( already including the firmware upgrade tool and firmware file)

Upgrade the firmware for the LC-BT2

1. Unzip the "Firmware upgrade package" , and then enter the unzipped folder (shown like Picture 1.1)

2. Make the LC-BT2 enter DFU mode, and then connect the LC-BT2 with the computer by the supplied Type-C USB cable.

How to make LC-BT2 enter DFU mode: Power on the LC-BT2, and hold the play/pause button , then the red and blue lights will flash alternately; Hold the play/pause button and Volume ”+” button for about 5 seconds, to make the LC-BT2 enter DFU mode (The indicator will turn OFF after done).


3. Run the FiiOBluetoothDfu program and click 'Start Upgrade' > 'OK', the upgrade program will run automatically


4. Unplug the USB cable and reboot the LC-BT2, and then you can use it normally.