FIIO FH7 REVIEW: A versatile End Game IEM with a muscular balanced sound

I will tell you a secret here: I’ve never been a fan of FIIO earphones I tried before, which are the whole F serie, sure, I find the F5 and F9PRO pretty decent, but until price drop, I didn’t think they were competitive in their price range. So, yeah, my expectations weres ironically high due to 500$ price range.  I wasn’t a believer in FIIO tuning capabilities until I finally try the FH7: these are seriously well-tuned earphones that stand apart of sub-1000$ IEM in term of perfect balance, the fullness of timbre and effortless resolution.

What happens? How can a company know for DAP and portable AMPS can jump into high-end earphones and deliver such accurate tonality? And they even permit you to tune this tonal balance into a more V or W iem…making it the most versatile IEM I ever owned.

Please FIIO, keep the tuner of FH7 in your team, and use the phenomenal dynamic driver with other IEM you make! This bass is just perfect and so is all rest of the audio spectrum! You did it, finding the sweet spot between neutrality and authority, and it’s an incredible accomplishment that justifies the 450$ price tag. Pure audiophile joy that will never bore you neither satiate you.

If you search for a versatile End Game earphones that don’t cost the price of a yacht, deliver dynamic technicality and balanced tonality, have weighty natural bass, crisply articulated and versatile mids, and vividly natural treble, the FIIO FH7 might just be the winner you were looking for.



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