FiiO M11 Pro - REVIEW

The M11 Pro is no one's bastard child or joke. This thing is a contender that should be taken seriously by anyone looking to run music from something other than a smartphone, other than a Sonos system (convenient but sonically inferior) or from some budget wannabe serious digital audio player (DAP) solution.

Detailed, musical, and able to run most moderately powered cans. Absolutely. Jacked into your home audio system and your ears will re-verify how smart you are. Resolving, dark, analytical. This monster, with its DACS and THX stage, through the Line Out is an absolute marvel. I honestly have no complaints when it comes to the sonic footprints of this player. It is exactly what FiiO wanted. A device that greased the skids to their products rivaling iBasso and Astell & Kern--without the eye rolling and scads of doubt and disbelief.


FiiO is no longer a wannabe. They are not in the rear-view mirror. They are the object in mirror that is closer than it appears. They are well past the blind-spot. Overtaking players who have been in the field far longer than FiiO. I applaud them! So here is some quick insight. File transfers, etc., there are some things that I think are a wee bit hokey. But that is really me being picky at best. FiiO has a compelling device on its hands. Give it a serious look. It is worth it.



Author: Fabian Blache; From:

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