1 yuan Pre-sale | Start Wireless Tour, Feiao Real Wireless Moving Iron Headset FW1 Lightweight Listing!

a pair of headphones bring you? It can let you get a moment of leisure from the noisy world. It can help you bring sweet memories into music instantly. It can also let you pull away from the excitement and travel easily in your own world. The emergence of real wireless headphones has greatly improved the convenience of enjoying music. Wear headphones anytime and anywhere to enjoy the free music world without restriction.

has been waiting for a long time, Feiao Zhen wireless moving iron headset FW1 arrived as scheduled.has added a custom typeLou's full-frequency moving iron unit, it has a naturally smooth three-frequency connection in sound performance, taking into account the looseness and speed of low frequency, the high density and thickness of medium frequency, the details of high frequency and pleasing to the ear, and the special frequency response and impedance matching of Feiao, Music listening is more enjoyable. At the same time, adoptQualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth chip, supports aptX high-specification Bluetooth format, supports Qualcomm TWS dual-channel transmission,The anti-interference performance is stronger, the delay is lower, and the Bluetooth signal is more stable!

sound adjustment, according to Feiao's professional acoustic technology for many years, FW1 uses DSP built in Qualcomm QCC3020 to carry out system-level reconstruction and tuning, which better combines the moving iron unit with Bluetooth audio, making the listening sound comfortable and natural. The background noise is further optimized to make the sound bottom more quiet, and the moment of listening is enough to be convinced.

, the first pre-sale of FW1 officially started! When 1 yuan arrives in 20 yuan, the price only needs 378 yuan. Multiple gifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis. The list will be sent to the designated music members for 3 months!

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1. multiple good gifts

(1) No. 1 successful order deliveryX5 3rd Generation Player Worth 1698 Yuan(random color);

② No. 2-4 successful order deliveryM5 Player Worth 598 Yuan(random color);

10th, 30th, 80th, 150th and 300th successfully placed free orders;

send music members to the list for three months.(For more than 30 words, please consult the customer service of Jingdong Feiao Digital Flagship Store)

2. Multiple Gifts

1. Activity time

Pre-sale will be started at 10:00 on July 06, 2020.

The balance will be paid at 10:00 on July 14, 2020.

July 14, 2020, according to the order of payment.

2. Activity rules

① The above three gifts cannot be added to participate. Please place an order and pay within the activity time (the winning position shall be subject to the time when the order is paid for);

② The winning user must have no return within 7 days, and the same ID, address and phone number can only participate once.

3. Announce the award

winning list will be published in Jingdong Feiao Digital Flagship Store before July 30. Winners should be listed on the list.

Contact the online customer service in time within 7 days to receive the reward. If the reward is overdue, it will be deemed as an automatic waiver!

4. Precautions

(1) This activity is limited to pre-sale orders that are successfully traded, and no return or cancellation orders are allowed to participate;

② The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Jingdong Feiao Digital Flagship Store.