5.How to switch FW1's master and slave channel?

1. Open the charging case and turn on both earbuds. When using it for the first time, the right earbud is default to be the master channel and is prior to be connected to the mobile phone. In normal use, when the box is opened, the first charged earphone will become the main earphone (random).
2. When both earbuds are turned off, the one that is turned on first would be made as the master channel to be connected to the mobile phone.
3. During the using process, if you need to switch the master channel, just put the original master earbud back into the charging case and turn it off. At this time, the other earbud would become the master channel automatically and it can be used separately. When taken the other earbud from the charging case, it can be connected automatically and thus allow a stereo listening experience.
Tip: since the master channel would consume a lot of power, do the master-slave swap when using it could greatly improve the battery life.