FiiO's Latest 2 BA 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid Earphones – FH3 Is Officially Released!


Three years ago, the triple diver hybrid earphones F9 was released, which has brought FiiO- branded earphones to HiFi class. Three years later in today, the classic driver hybrid earphones are once again upgraded comprehensively. Now, we would like to introduce our new member, the new second-gen triple driver hybrid earphones【FH3】to you.


Acoustically, the 10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver in the FH3 was specifically chosen for its thunderous yet lightning-quick bass performance with outstanding dynamic ranges and transient responses. Besides, the 2 Knowles balanced armatures placed closer to the ear reduces unwanted treble reflections that reach one's ears, ensuring minimal loss of treble details and thus making for more pleasant listening. As for the included high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable (LC-3.5B), it was carefully chosen for its fidelity and ability to resolve details, being noticeably better than the typical earphone cable. Your music will sound sublime with the included cable, which brings the best out of the FH3's drivers.


Even being upgraded all the way around, the FH3 continues the same design language as the others in the FH series of earphones. The all-new further refined water ripple design faceplate of the FH3 gives it robust strength while looking elegant. The various curves of different angles of the FH3 seamlessly blend into each other, attracting everyone's eyes. And through data on thousands of people's ears as well as going through more than 10 rounds of trials and iteration, an extremely comfortable design for the FH3 was created, softly fitting in the ears.


Key features of the FiiO FH3 include:


* Knowles BA drivers

* Beryllium-plated dynamic driver

* S.TURBO acoustic design

* Balanced pressure relief technology

* Expanded MMCX connectors

* High-purity silver-coated monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable

* Aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy shell


To find out more about the FH3, please visit the product page on


Share your FH3 to win a nice gift.


To celebrate its release, we are preparing a dedicated activity. If you are interested, you can follow the steps to win a gift. The activity would be valid until further notice.


Gift options: High-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper earphone cable worth 35.99USD. (Click to visit)

▷LC-2.5B balanced (long);

▷LC-4.4B balanced (long);

▷LC-2.5BS balanced (short, about 45cm);

▷LC-3.5BS single-ended (short, about 45cm).

Note: 1 order of 1 FH3 is limited to 1 gift on the above list under the premise of social media sharing.


How to enter

Step 1: Purchase the FH3, take at least 6 photos of it, and prepare your comments based on your using experience (no less than 50 words);

Step 2: Write a nice review on Aliexpress (thumbs-up&using experience comments);

Note: Purchases from physical stores are free of this step.

Step 3: Share the photos+comments (no less than 50 words) to Facebook/Headfi/Other social media platforms;

Step 4: Email the following to

▷Purchase proof of a successful transaction (screenshot for online order, invoice/receipt for order made in physical stores);

▷Photo of the FH3 package with the serial number label;

▷Screenshot of online sharing/comment;

▷Your delivery info with Full name+Address with zip code+Telephone number;

▷Your choice of the gift (LC-2.5B, LC-4.4B, LC-2.5BS, LC-3.5BS).

▷Please use the email subject: FiiO FH3 sharing activity


Dispatchment of the Gift

1. The gift will be delivered via postal service with the freight paid by FiiO. But for certain reasons, currently it may fail to transport to some countries and regions. Or it may take about 40-60 days to reach the successful entrants.

2. If it fails to transport via postal service, we would delay the delivery, or choose other express delivery services. The relating freight and custom charges that may raised will be borne by the customers themselves.


Terms and conditions

●Your worded comments and photos may be used by FiiO for marketing purposes.

●In the case of refunds of any nature, the entry will automatically be disqualified.

●Entry into the promotion will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

●Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd's decision is final.

●Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions, such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting to this webpage.


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