FiiO Q3 THX Balanced DAC/Amplifier - Reviews

While I really enjoy the Q3 and use it as my personal portable daily DAC/amp on the go, I think FiiO’s biggest competition in this price range is it’s own BTR5. Not having bluetooth in the Q3 does limit it’s usefulness if you don’t like stacking something behind your phone. For me it’s not a big deal and I’ll happily take the 4.4mm jack and power output over not having bluetooth. Minus the BTR5, the other device it’s fighting against is the hip dac from IFI. Both are fantastic and both have their pros and cons but if you plan to use a portable unit like this on the go in a jacket or pocket then the Q3 will be a better and safer choice. The volume knob is stiff, is less likely to be adjusted by accident while walking and it’s not very easy to activate the high gain button on accident either. I think FiiO did a fantastic job here on their update of the Q1 mk2 design and I can easily recommend this for someone on the move in need of a portable DAC/amp to pair with a phone or even someone getting into this hobby that might use this as their desktop setup. FiiO has been on fire lately with a lot of fantastic releases and I can't wait to see what's next! Thanks for reading!



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