Tech review: FiiO M3 Pro digital audio player

FiiO M3 Pro digital audio player also works superbly as USB DAC

The FiiO M3 Pro is a stylish and ultra-portable digital audio player (DAP).

I’ve previously reviewed the Chinese firm’s K3 headphone amp and digital analogue converter (DAC)  and was super impressed with the build quality and audio output.

The slim and lightweight (70g) M3 Pro comes boxed with a Type A to Type C USB cable.

Design and build

It’s a premium-looking machine with a glass front and rear housed in a metallic frame, much like a smartphone (although it is much more compact a unit than a phone).

The left side of the M3 Pro houses four round buttons with controls for power, volume up, play/pause/skip and volume down.

There is an SD card slot with up to 2 TB of expandable storage. The idea here is that you transfer your hi-res audio files to listen to on the go, in your car or when out and about walking.

On the bottom of the M3 Pro is an unbalanced 3.5 mm analogue output for headphones/line-out and a USB-C port for charging.



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