FiiO M3 Pro hands-on: The little giant that punches above its class

About a decade ago, big names like Apple, SanDisk, Sony, and Creative each had at least one solid media player lineup in their portfolio. Now Creative and Apple are out of this market while SanDisk is a Western Digital brand and its media players are long gone now. Fortunately, Sony still releases — very good but also quite expensive — Walkman-branded products. However, the best deals in this field seem to come from smaller brands these days. FiiO — alongside a few other Chinese companies — has always been able to deliver devices that provide a lot in terms of audio quality, features, and build quality while keeping the price within reasonable limits.

The FiiO M3 Pro is the sibling of the smartwatch-sized M5. Both come as the brand's entry-level digital audio players that pave the way for more potent — and expensive — pieces of hardware. The brand-new M3 Pro inherits most goodies from its direct predecessor, the M3K, but those who own that one should keep it or move to a mid-range or high-end DAP instead.



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