A Bunch of Accessories Join FiiO Family- HB2, HB5, LR-RCA1

* A warm home for your earphones- portable leather earphone storage case HB2


If you have ever used wired earphones, you may find out how hard it is to settle your earphones. The cable would mess around every time you need it, leaving you with great inconvenience. More terribly, the mess would even cause bad effects on your earphones with the body and cable easily worn out and its lifespan shortened.


To get your earphones out of such risks, FiiO came out of a new portable leather storage case, the HB2. The specially chosen Bejirog leather is soft to the touch, and also skin-friendly. When this exquisite leather is put together with the EVA molding process, the result is an extremely sturdy case that has outstanding wear, shock and compression resistance.


The high-quality zippers are smooth to use and ensure excellent airtightness, allowing you to easy access to your safely stored earphones/cables. The inner velvet lining not only helps to protect your earphones, but also reduces wear on those earphones when being carried around in the case.


Although small on the outside, inside the HB2 there is a handy netted compartment allowing you to also carry small objects such as ear tips along with your earphones. Convenient for carrying more while clearly separating different objects within. It can also be hung with a D buckle so you don't lose it while traveling.


Such a warm home for earphones. What are you waiting for?




*A fashionably retro earphone companion- portable earphone carrying case HB5


Every pair of earphones deserves to be treated with care and love. Your HiFi buddies, including the earphones, cable or ear tips, can carefreely settle down in the HB5. The HB5 is colored in fashionably retro blue and yellow, giving it an invitingly warm yet brilliant appearance. The exquisite materials and craftmanship further add to its fun character.


The specially-chosen high-end luxurious leather is put together with the meticulously customized and rigid outer shell mold of the HB5. The leather employed in the case is impact/heat/cold resistant, making it ready to go wherever. The magnetic design not only securely protects your items and makes opening the case easy, it also adds a lively flair to it.


Lining the inside of the HB5 is super soft crystal velvet. Its good shock and scratch resistance as well as air permeability provide your earphones with true protection you can be confident in. In addition, removable spacers in the HB5 means you can flexibly arrange the inner space to store a wide variety of objects. Just another part of the HB5 that caters to your every need.


Whenever and wherever, your earphones will be safe under the protection of the HB5.




*Enjoy an amazing audiovisual journey with FiiO's new RCA connector digital coaxial cable


With the popularization of intelligent video and audio, more and more devices come to our home, exp. those integrated products that aim at using in multiple scenarios, including speakers, power amplifiers and CD players.


However, there is still one widely compatible cable absent when transferring and decoding signals among multiple devices. If you are still looking for it, why not take a look at our LR-RCA1, which is designed for devices with RCA female or coaxial female connectors, including smart TV, active speaker, DVD, DAC/Amp. Great convenience as well as clear and exquisite sound quality will give you a different listening experience.


Dual-layer shielding pro-grade materials with 124 oxygen-free copper (OFC) wires effectively reduce signal loss and cleanly transmit digital audio without distortion. The braided oxygen-free copper wires + aluminum foil dual-layer shielding ensure no interference getting in the way of faithfully reproducing your audio.


The outer sheath made of thick PVC is more resistant to bending and overall will make the cable last much longer. The outer 50cm cable sheath is made of flexible yet durable nylon, which is able to handily withstand daily wear and tear. In addition, the high-quality 24K gold-plated connectors are not only more resistant to oxidation, it also comes with better conductivity, significantly reduces distortion, and provides more stable signal transmission. The thicker shells of the connectors enhance its durability, making it able to withstand many insertions and removals.


A high-end digital home theater system will be created without your hesitation to get one LR-RCA1.



If you are in the mind of getting a protective carrying case HB2 or HB5 for your earphones or a compatible RCA cable LR-RCA1, check with our local agents (>>https://fiio.com/wheretobuy) for their availability.