FiiO BTA30 HiFi Bluetooth Audio Receiver & Transmitter Review

As with any other Bluetooth audio receiver and transmitter using the BTA30 is very easy, just pair it with your device and begin streaming audio to the connected speakers. Unfortunately, things may not be quite as easy when it comes to transmitting since the BTA30 will connect automatically with any Bluetooth enabled device it detects around it. For example, i had to unplug a pair of bluetooth speakers from the power (even when turned off the BTA30 would still turn them on) since it was always connecting to them and thus i was unable to connect my headset. Perhaps I’m nitpicking here since i doubt many will have such a pair of Bluetooth speakers but at least in my case connecting a headset was not simple (basically i had to have just the headset in the vicinity). That aside the BTA30 does incredibly well when it comes to audio quality, especially when you stream Hi-Res material like studio quality FLAC through it. Now i would had preferred 2 RCA output sets instead of 1 (that way i could connect the BTA30 with 4 speakers instead of two and with the maximum possible audio clarity) but considering that most Bluetooth receivers/transmitters only have a 3.5mm output i can't really complain now can i. As for range well 30 meters is a very optimistic number and so you will be very lucky if you measure 10 meters with 2-3 concrete walls in between. Still the BTA30 is clearly meant to be used inside the same room so i doubt range will be of an issue, not to most people anyways.

   The BTA30 already counts a few months in the market and currently retails for USD89.99 inside the USA ( and for around 90Euros inside the EU a price which is extremely balanced not only for what you’re getting in return but also compared to the competition. At the end of the day aside the tiny issue with pairing the BTA30 while transmitting (which may not apply to everyone out there) I really enjoyed using it these past weeks and since it does deliver every single thing FiiO markets it for it gets the Golden Award.



Author: Nik Kastrantas; From:

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