The BTA30 transceiver packs a punch with its multi-functional use and you can pretty much use it in every setup seamlessly. You can use it as a dedicated wired DAC in a DAC-AMP configuration, you can use it to bless Bluetooth capability to your favorite DACs or you can connect it to your wired active speakers and use it as a Bluetooth DAC. The possibilities are unlimited, hook it up to your TV, hook it up to your Playstation or Xbox, and so on.

It has excellent technical capability and it has very good tuning. Sound quality is well above the asking price and the fact that it supports audiophile-oriented codecs such as the LDAC & AptX HD is just brilliant. It practically does not take space on your desk and the build quality is amazing. It looks modern, chic, and very handsome. The BTA30 served me with fantastic connection stability during my time with it, which is a whole month. I never experienced a drop or a stutter.

In my opinion, judging by the technology inside and the price point, this may be the best Bluetooth transceiver in the market right now. I recommend you to try it and hear for yourself!



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