9. What to try if the FiiO players cannot be turned on or freeze?

What to try if the FiiO players (X1 2nd gen/X1/X3/X5/X3 2nd gen/X5 2nd gen/X7/M3/X5 3rd gen/X7MKII/X3MKIII) cannot be turned on or freeze?

If the player cannot be turned on after pressing the Power button, the first thing to do is to check if the unit is running out of power or if the charger you use fits the requirement (DC output,  voltage: 5V, current: 0.5A or above). 
If it cannot be turned on after being charged for some time or even fully charged, try the following methods (They also work for the problem of freezing).

For the X1, X3, X5 & X3 2nd gen:
a) Reset the unit by poking the Reset hole(beside the Power button or at the top side of the unit) with an unfolded paper clip or other slender tools.
b) Connect the unit to the computer via USB then reset it as method a.  (method b is not suitable if the player is dead after charged with a wrong charger)
c) Try a force shut-down by Pressing and holding the Power button for 15 seconds(for the X1, it's poking the Reset hole and holding for 6 seconds), then try to turn it on.

Since the X1 2nd gen, X5 2nd gen, X7, M3, X5 3rd gen, X3MKIII & X7MKII don't have a Reset hole, the only way to try is to force shut-down by holding the power button for around 15 seconds then turn it on again.

(After a force shut-down on X1/X3/X5/X1II/X3II/X5II/X3MKIII, you can try to ugprade it again to see whether it will make a difference.)

If these methods wouldn't help, please try to contact your seller or FiiO (by sending email to support@fiio.net).