1.Can the Q1 work as a DAC for smartphones?

A: We have not advertised this function actively, however as long as the smartphone is capable of USB Audio output, the Q1 should theoretically work with it.  The following results when connecting to certain smartphones are provided for reference only.
Note: depending on the particular submodel and the actual operating system version used, different results may be obtained.

1. Apple iPhones: With a genuine Apple Lightning->USB adapter (Camera Connection Kit) (CCK), the iPhone 5/5S/6/6S has been found to work with the Q1 with no problems (iOS 7/8/9 tested).

2. Android smartphones: with a Micro USB OTG cable, many Android smartphones haven been found to work with the Q1 with no problems, including:

Sony Xperia Z Ultra(with Android 4.4.4), Oppo Find 7(with Android 4.4.2), Google Nexus 6P(with Android 6.0), Google Nexus 5X(with Android 6.0), Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 2 (with Android 4.1.2).

If your smartphone doesn't seem to work with the Q1, you may try installing a third-party player supporting direct USB output (such as Hiby Music) and try again.

In all cases it is recommended to switch the CHG button on the Q1 to OFF while connected to a smartphone (expecial iPhone), for better compatibility and to avoid draining the smartphone's battery.