With Both Good Looks and Strengths, FiiO FH5s, 2BA 2DD IEMs, Is Officially Released!

Recently, our users may have heard that we FiiO will be releasing new products soon. Some information and details about our products have continuously triggered discussions. Many customers kept asking us when our new products would be available. Here it is. On the 14th birthday of FiiO, we give all of our sincerity to make the #FiiO 2021 New Earphones Launch Event# happen. We just cannot help telling you that your expected earphones finally come to you.

"It will be one of the most popular earphones with such an attractive appearance than that in the same price range. "

"It will be one of the most powerful earphones than that in the same price range. "

"It will be one of the most competitive hybrid earphones than that in the same price range. "


Then how exactly is it? Now let's get started to know today's rookie.



01/ Highly-capable configurations

The FH5s is designed with a brand-new 2 balanced armatures+2 dynamic driver acoustic architecture. The dual dynamic driver setup connects the bass and mids together more smoothly and coherently, as well as covers a wider range of frequencies and provides a larger soundstage. It simply creates a better sense of atmosphere and truly envelops you into the music!



02/Attractive styling and strong performance

The open-air mesh guides perfectly blend with the layered "dragon scales" on the faceplate of the FH5s to give it a powerful, stunning design. Whether you choose the black and gold or silver and gold colors, the FH5s maintains its striking looks.



03/Step into a world of fun

To meet more individual music preferences, the FH5s designed three tuning switches for the bass, mids, and treble, allowing 8 possible sound schemes. In addition, 2.5/3.5/4.4 plugs are included so that one cable satisfies many different kinds of devices and upgrades the music experience.


Key features of the FiiO FH5s include:

*All-new acoustic design, 2BA+2DD architecture

*12mm beryllium-plated dome/PU gasket dynamic driver+6mm beryllium-plated dynamic driver+TWFK-30017 balanced armature

*Semi-open design at the rear cavity with grand soundstage

*TRISHELL acoustic design 

*3 sound tuning switches

*3 swappable headphone plugs


To find out more about the FH5s, please visit the product page on https://www.fiio.com/fh5s.


Best regards,
Guangzhou FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.