8.How to use the volume touch panel?

Long or short pressing the volume+/- button can adjust the volume, or adjust it by touching the volume touch panel.

【How to make the settings】Go to the menu of Settings->Global->Volume touch panel settings. Here are the available settings.
a. Touch sounds: turn on or off the touch sound.
b. Slide and hold for auto-adjustment: slide up/down while holding your finger on the touch panel to continuously increase/decrease the volume.
c. Auto-lock after inactivity: if there is no operation in a period of time, the touch panel will be locked to avoid misoperation. Tap it twice to unlock it.
d. Disable volume touch panel: the volume touch panel can be enabled or disabled based on your needs.

1. If the "Auto-lock after inactivity" is turned on, the volume touch panel needs to be tapped twice each time to enable it before using.
2. If the volume touch panel is locked, the volume can still be adjusted by long or short pressing the volume +/- button without unlocking it.