Compact yet Delicate, the Portable DAC/AMP E10K Type-C Is Officially Released!

The compact yet delicate E10K Type-C can not only be your companion on the go, but also can be settled on the desktop for your music enjoyment.


The DAC and Headphone Amplifier E10K Type-C comes with the flagship XMOS XUF208 for better USB decoding. Compared to the original E10K, the USB Audio class has been upgraded to 2.0 and PCM is now supported up to 32 bit/384kHz sampling rates to better capture the details in your music.


To handle varieties of headphones, the E10K Type-C features 2 Gain levels and a Bass Boost switch. The High Gain is more appropriate for high-impedance headphones, which can meet the needs of different music genres, especially after turning on the Bass Boost switch. Besides, the optimized active low-pass and BASS circuit designs ensure lower noise floor in any situation, so your music is truly played back faithfully.


What is more, it has a compact body with easy operation. The USB Type-C connector gives the device more compatibility. At the same time, the headphone/line/coaxial outputs make it easier to connect to other equipment. With one E10K Type-C, we get tons of great music. Come and take it home.


Keep features of the E10K-TC include:

-- XMOS XUF208

-- Two gain levels

-- Type-C connector

-- Headphone/coaxial/line output


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