to build a collection-level audio system, flagship desktop decoding earphone K9 Pro limited launch!



yes, there is no mistake. The flagship desktop decoding earpiece that everyone has been thinking about has finally arrived! K9 Pro, which is in the flagship position, strives for the best configuration and makes every effort to present a satisfactory voice for everyone.


good voice is excellent configuration.K9 Pro is equipped with AKM collection audio decoding chip AK4499EQ, which supports a sample rate of 384k and a native DSD256;the new generation XMOS decoding module adopts dual-mode clock management technology,uses asynchronous dual femtosecond clock when USB decoding and Bluetooth decoding work; add desktop amplifier dedicated levelTHX AAA 788 ear placement technology,has excellent details and dynamics in driving low-resistance and high-resistance headphones.




When the whole machine is in operation,process is processed by fully differential signals., the fine circuit can not only ensure the large dynamic of the signal, but also effectively reduce the interference. The whole PCB adopts partition layout to effectively ensure the integrity of signal processing;Up to 6 audio processing is configured, the details are not clear;Double Voltage Linear Transformer, provide clean and abundant power supply, sound quality is purer.




music decoding,Supports the expansion of MQA tracksto provide mastering-level sound restoration. High definition Bluetooth decoding has also been added,Supports LDAC/aptx adaptive. Extensive interface compatibility, whether wired connection or wireless listening, good music is under control.



Sound Quality Grand Slam,, Tmall's "fiio Feiao Flagship Store" will be officially launched in limited quantities. The official price is 4499 yuan!is limited, and friends who like it should buy it as early as possible ~


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