1. What are the main differences between BTR5 2021 and BTR5?

1. The BTR5 2021 adopts a brand new ES9219C DAC, which has stronger decoding ability and better performance which provides high SNR while ensuring low power consumption.
2. Added MQA support, which can unfold the MQA tracks on the mobile phone. When working with music applications supporting MQA, it can achieve 16x MQA unfolding.
3. The BTR5 2021 supports switching to the "USB Audio Adapter mode" (USB dongle) by just one press. When a USB connection is detected the BTR5 2021, it will automatically prompt you to turn on "USB Audio Adapter" mode, which turns off charging to the BTR5 2021 and allows you to use it as an audio dongle for your phone or other devices. Please press any button in 15s when the prompt menu jumps out. If there is no operation within 15 seconds, the charging function will stay on. (The pop-up menu can also be closed through the FiiO Control App.)
4. A short skin-friendly silicone Type-C to Type-C cable is added to the accessory list.
5. The package box is newly designed in a science fiction style, and the back panel adds an MQA logo.
6. The software filters have been reduced from 6 to 2 (since the DAC has added MQA support, we canceled the internal filter).