6. How to use the BTR5 2021 as a USB DAC for mobile phones?

1. At present, most mobile phones on the market can support the FiiO music App, but the USB audio standard of various phone brands is not uniform, so we cannot guarantee full compatibility.
2. The BTR5 2021 supports a switch to "USB Audio Adapter Mode" by just one press. When a USB connection is detected the BTR5 2021, it will automatically prompt you to turn on "USB Audio Adapter" mode. At this time, just press any button so that it will turn off the charging function and enter the "USB Audio Adapter Mode".

【Android phone】
Use the Type-C to Type-C cable included in the package to connect the BTR5 2021 to your mobile phone. Play music to directly enjoy high-quality music.
Users of BTR5 2021 Standard Edition: please buy an extra Lightning to Type-C cable, like our LT-LT1. (Order link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002474082382.html )
Users of BTR5 2021 Apple Edition: there is a Lightning to Type-C cable included in the accessory.
Connect the BTR5 2021 to the iPhone/iPad/iPod via this cable to enjoy high-quality music.