FiiO FH7 review: Outstanding IEMs for live performance use and more

Ease of Use

There's really not much to say about the ease of use. These are wired IEMs, so there is no Bluetooth connection and no apps to putz with. This is all plug-and-play. The hardest part of the whole process is maybe changing the sound filters. They're tiny, so you should take care when removing one pair and replacing them with another.


So in this section, I'm going to go over my main use case for the FiiO FH7 IEMs, and that's for live performance use. I tend to use over-ear headphones like the Apple AirPods Max for at-home music listening, but I did test these at home as well.

First, I should quickly explain how these work in a live performance setting. In most live performances, the band has a mixing station to which you plug your IEMs. There are several different kinds, and the good ones have multiple channels where each member of the band lives.



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