FiiO BTR5 Portable High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier Review

What you get with the BTR5 is a nicely built, portable DAC/amp with an OLED screen and buttons for use by itself, a first-party mobile app to aid the Bluetooth experience with support for pretty much all wireless phone codecs, and a first-party ASIO USB DAC driver for wired mode. Be aware of the shift towards more of a V-shaped tuning since the frequency response of the BTR5 shows dips in the sub-bass and highs by itself. This is best paired with balanced IEMs, although the higher power output from the 2.5 mm TRRS port will also go appreciated when needed. If the FiiO BTR5 interests you, grab it as soon as possible—the ESS9218P DACs are getting really hard to source, so FiiO might have to step things up with the ESS9219P that will no doubt add to the cost as well!


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