2. How to use the KA3 as a USB DAC for computers?

[Windows system]
1. Before first connecting, please go to our website to download the DAC driver, and install it as the instruction to enable the USB DAC function.
Download link: Click here
2.Use the TypeC-TypeC data cable to connect the KA3 to the computer.(If the USB port of your computer is USB A, you could use the Type C to USB A cable for help instead)

Note: You would need to connect the KA3 to the computer before installing the USB DAC driver.

3.select the KA3 as the audio output on the computer.

Macbook does not need to install the driver. Directly choose the NEW K3 as the output device. How to use the FiiO device as USB DAC on MAC: https://forum.fiio.com/note/showNoteContent.do?id=202105191616354037331