21. Instructions for Settings->Global menu

1.System navigation

Gesture, 2-button and 3-button navigation are available.

2.Multifunction button

To assign the function of the multifunction button on the left side.

3.Power-off timers

Sleep: when the set time is up, the M17 will turn off automatically. The sleep time can be set as any integer values between 0 and 120.

Idle poweroff: the M17 will automatically turn off when the timer reaches the set time for idle poweroff when there is no operation or playback. During this process, the timer will restart if there is any operation or playback. The idle poweroff time can be set as any integer values between 0 and 50. (Note that this function will be disabled when it is set to OFF.)

4.HOLD switch setting

When it is enabled, all closed buttons will be locked and cannot be used.

5.Volume adjusting mode

The M17 use the volume knob for adjusting the volume by default. The volume button could not adjust the voulme at that time. You could switch this option to 'Adjust by volume button' and the volume button could adjust the volume now. Please select the option according to your need.

6.In-vehicle mode

【Principle】After turning on the In-vehicle mode, you can connect the M17 to the on-board USB port, and the M17 will power on automatically and switch to the In-vehicle mode screen when the vehicle engine starts, and power off automatically when the vehicle engine stops.

【How to set】Go to Settings->Global->In-vehicle mode, or the drop-down menu to turn on the in-vehicle mode.

(Some onboard USB ports may encounter interruptions when connecting to the M17, in which case you can try to use FiiO's USB isolator, the LA-UA1, to fix the problem.)

*The in-vehicle mode will only work for USB 3.0 port in the M17.