15. How to do with the issue of the small sound when the M7 is paired with Airpods via Bluetooth?

A:  This issue may be caused by the enabling the absolute volume function of the headset. When the absolute volume function is turned on, the volume of the headphones and the M7‘s volume are separated. As we know, many headsets have their own ability to adjust the volume, but Airpods does not. In this case, please try to disable the absolute volume function so that the volume of the headset and the M7 will be synchronized, and you could use the volume control of the M7 to control Airpods's volume.

Here is the method to solve this issue:

1. Enter M7's "Settings -> General -> About device", then continuously click "Build number" , until the prompt shows "you are a developer" which means the "Developer Options" is enabled;

2. Go back to "Settings" and enter "Developer Options";

3. Find the "Disable absolute volume" option, click it to turn on this feature.

After done, please try to test the M7 and Airpods again.