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KA1 is a further attempt and exploration of Feiao's decoding ear for USB power supply after the introduction of KA3. Although Feiao was the first domestic HiFi manufacturer to introduce the device powered by USB and decoded by native Lightning interface, it has always been quite "conservative" in exploring the device with a single USB interface as the input source and with native Type-C and Lightning connection ".

to investigate the reason, we have to mention Feiao's mature and perfect product strategy. USB as the input source has long become the standard input method for Feiao's decoding ear device, and even some medium and high-end players have this function. When the product line is rich enough and the product compatibility is high enough, the attempt in the vertical segmentation field may not seem so urgent.

[Open Package]]

KA1 packaging structure is the same as Feiao's new products in recent years. It is made of all-copper gloss oil and feels extremely moist. All black background, the bottom of the front is still like a galaxy of blue circuit board lines, the middle is the fuselage outline, the upper left Logo, the upper right Hi-Res small gold logo and ESS, MQA Logo.

Feiao Logo on the left and Fei Sheng Logo on the right. At the bottom of the back are Chinese and English bilingual product names, basic manufacturer information, barcode identification and anti-counterfeiting stickers.

inner box is made of hard PVC, which has almost no damping and is very loose with the outer box. There is an etched Logo in the upper left corner of the back of the bottom plate. The top of the inner box has this manual, the bottom is the body stuck in the foam in the middle, the right lower is the USB C to A adapter, if it is the Lightning version, it is the Lightning to USB A adapter. There is nothing else in the lower level, it is very concise.

KA1 shell is made of six-series magnesium aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated by 180# sandblasting process. The whole machine weighs only about 10g, and is available in dark black and dark green. The body has a ring file code rate working condition light, which supports displaying the decoding status of four specifications of files. Both USB and decoding amplifier chips are ES9218AC Pro. 3.5mm single-ended theoretical maximum output power 46mW @ 32 Ω. Support Android, iOS, Windows10, Mac drive-free use, support ASIO driver, support up to DoP128, Native DSD256 native hardware, support MQA files. In the future, it may support custom settings based on FiiO Music, FiiO Control and other apps, as well as firmware version updates and upgrades.

[Talking Voice]]

KA1 is quite similar to that of KA3. It is slightly off the disk, which is relatively neutral and balanced. The three-frequency energy distribution is still more focused on the low and medium frequencies. The style is more relaxed and listening-resistant, and the full-frequency energy sense is slightly weakened. Compared with KA3, the low-frequency sense of quantity is weakened to a certain extent, and the texture is optimized a lot, and it brings more low-frequency details, deep dive, moderate rebound speed, and good elasticity. The mid-frequency human voice position is close and the mouth shape is too large, less staining, has a certain sense of distance from the orchestration, and can give a clearer sense of hierarchy. The high-frequency brightness is moderate, the extension is acceptable, smooth and delicate, still retains a certain amount of overtones, and has a relatively restored presentation of instrumental treble.

KA1 is quite competitive in the corresponding gear. The sound details are rich, the transient speed is slightly soft, and it can basically meet the dynamic performance requirements of pan-pop music. The sound field is wide, and the knot shape is relatively clear. Adaptation to music is also quite omnivorous.

[Make a summary]]

In general, KA1 is very suitable for users who are highly dependent on mobile streaming media, are afraid of the size of KA3, and are skeptical about the sound quality of wireless transmission. KA1 is small enough, the size is basically similar to the original patch cord, and even can effectively reduce the physical loss of the USB interface of the mobile phone.

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