Fiio M11 Plus ESS Review

The Fiio M11 Plus ESS is an excellent device for audio enthusiasts. That’s an important caveat and one Fiio knows well: the market for this kind of device is really limited to audio enthusiasts who still want the magic of a dedicated audio player instead of accessory DACs and amps. As a result, you have a device that is at once finely tuned for the market it serves and priced to address the smaller market share. Despite that, the M11 manages to be reasonably priced against other devices of its type, so while, yes, it’s expensive, it also feels like a great value compared to competing products.

Everything from its internal components and excellent listening experience, to its gorgeous design and stellar build quality, combine to make this a truly outstanding piece of gear. It’s one explicitly for audiophiles, to be sure, but if you consider yourself one among the fold, it’s hard to think of a better option at this price.



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